Welcome Home

For more than 20 years, Ashland Home has been providing women struggling with alcoholism a loving, safe space to get sober and start a new life, at no charge. Women who come to us broken and drowning in sorrow and despair find a welcoming and supportive environment — a home rather than a facility or institution.

Our philosophy is that of one alcoholic helping another. Women who are struggling to get through a day without alcohol can often relate better to someone new than to someone who has been sober for many years. These women know exactly what the new woman is going through and are there to get her through those tough first nights.

After 30 days, women can move into one of the beds at our sober living homes. Women can stay there up to a year at a nominal charge. In sober living, the women begin to reconnect with their families and communities while learning to give to others what has been given to them.

Currently, the ability to meet the needs of women who want to get sober far outpaces our capacity. Ashland is a critical lifeline for women who want to get sober. All of our funding comes from individuals, the business community, family foundations and local charities. Ashland receives no money from government/public funding sources and accepts no insurance.

To get help, please call 949-460-0375