Meet Haven

"Before Ashland I was morally bankrupt. Today I live a happy healthy life and none of it would have been possible without Ashland."

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Meet Heather

"I drank for 23 years and had run everything into the ground—jails, hospitals, homelessness. It wasn’t until I came into Ashland home that I realized women like me could recover."

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Non-Profit • All Volunteer • Free 30 Day Stay to Get Sober • Sober Living Transition Path


The purpose of the Ashland Home is to provide a safe and caring environment for women to get sober with dignity and build a foundation for recovery.


We strive to be a model for alcoholic women to get and stay sober and lead happy productive lives, where they are reunited with their families, involved in their communities and giving back what was given to them.

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Since 1998, the generosity of our supporters has kept the doors open at Ashland to give over 3,000 women a chance at a new life for free.

Our philosophy is that of one alcoholic helping another. Our volunteers know exactly what the new woman is going through and are there to get her through those tough first nights.

After 30 days, a woman can move into one of the beds at our sober living homes where they can stay up to a year at a nominal charge. In sober living, the women begin to reconnect with their families and communities while learning to give to others what has been given to them.