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Due to COVID 19, Ashland has temporarily suspended taking in newcomers.  A key in our mission statement is to provide a safe environment – not just for newcomers, but for our sober living residents and our volunteers. Many of our volunteers are in the vulnerable category and do not feel safe volunteering at this time. Our sober living residents all work closely with the newcomers, so there is a concern that if one newcomer comes in and has COVID 19 it could run through all three houses. Most of the women in sober living have nowhere else to go, so we would have to continue to provide for them if they were sick. One of the biggest challenges is interviewing newcomers when they want to come in – they might not be forthright about where they have been, what they have been exposed to if they have been diagnosed with COVID, and what they have been doing. Having said that, it is Ashland’s goal to take in newcomers again as soon as feasible. We are currently assessing how to do this safely and prudently. This is a temporary challenge and we still have the same expenses with less income. So please, make a donation!!