Taking the First Step

To get help, please call 949-460-0375. The purpose of the Ashland Home is to provide a safe and caring environment for women to get sober with dignity and build a foundation for recovery. Ashland provides a unique home-like atmosphere. While staying at the Ashland Home, time is structured to include 12-step meetings and activities of daily living with other women who are living sober.

Ashland Home also offers women the opportunity to extend their stay, once they have been sober for thirty days, in the sober living program at a nominal fee to the women.

If you are struggling to stop drinking, we’re here for you. You don’t have to do this alone. There are women who’ve been through it themselves, here waiting to help you start the journey to a brand new life.

Medical Policies

No medications of any kind are allowed on the Ashland premises.

To get help, please call 949-460-0375